Monday, April 7, 2008


We love sports in our house, especially college BASKETBALL--check that KU basketball! Adam is a huge KU bball fan and I just kinda got hooked to cheering for them along the way! Tonight Memphis vs. Kansas for the National Championship!!!! Kinzie made signs - dressed in her cheerleading skirt and KU shirt - grabbed her pom-poms and prepared to cheer her heart out (for the team her daddy loves)! I'll admit I lost hope a few times, but as any GREAT team can and does - they found a way to win! Sorry Clayton maybe you should have painted your face!!

In the words of my favorite coach - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Kinzie was so proud of her signs!! She cheered until she was too tired to cheer anymore!!

Jackson was so cute he would say "Yes" everytime KU scored!! As the final minutes ticked away


I know this is a little late, but oh well!! Time kinda escapes me these days! WE had a great Easter weekend! Adam's family came to visit! We dyed Easter eggs - had a unique, but delicious lunch - then hunted eggs! Just a few pictures:

Fun times!

Church was amazing on Easter Sunday! I think our church has some of the best singers around!
What an awesome God we serve! hope everyone had a happy Easter!


Towards the end of Spring Break - Kinzie lost her first tooth!! She was just soooooo excited! She wouldn't let anyone pull it - because it just had to fall out by itself!! It was kinda gross just hanging there, but noooo! Luckily it came out while she was brushing her teeth!

P.S. she now has another loose tooth--that's just hangin'