Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just a quick update...to let blog land know that my sister...Charla...is now engaged!! Jared (husband to be) asked her this morning in his apartment! Apparently, he is pretty smooth and very romantic! From what I understand (it was hard to get all of the details between the screams of excitement) Charla and Jared have breakfast every Tuesday morning at Starbucks...well when she went to pick him up this morning...he told her he was running late and to just come up to his apartment! Jared got up really early and with a buddy went to Starbucks and got the chairs, table, breakfast and coffee and set them up in his apartment...so when Charla walked in she saw the whole set up and the ring!!! AAWWW too sweet! They already have a date Dec. 19th 2009!! AWESOME!!