Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Construction UNDERWAY!!

Just one of the best things Adam and I ever helped make!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Funnies

Okay - Kinzie went to Abilene the week Blaze was in the hospital to visit my brothers and sister!
This conversation took place in Charla's car on the way....

Kinzie "Charla - when are you going to get married?"

Charla "When I find the right man"

Kinzie "He has to be Christian man"

Charla "Okay"

Kinzie "He can't smoke either"

Charla "Okay a non-smoking Christian man"

Kinzie "Yeah because if he smokes he will die and then you have to start ALL over again"


Okay I have finally put Blaze down long enough to try update our blog!!:) Blaze is now 5 weeks old and just such a precious little baby! He is such an amazing addition to our family-not to mention his big sister and big brother are absolutely CRAZY about him!! I really don't have great pictures of him because my dinosaur of a camera is going through extinction (basically its not cooperating)!

Look at those chubby cheeks-just makes you want to eat 'em up!!

This is a rare occassion that Blaze has his eyes open and he is actually awake!

Here are my BOYS aren't they good-looking!:)

Blaze wanted to wake Kinzie up one morning! She was so surprised and excited. Kinzie is such a great big sister! I love her sweet and gentle spirit with her brothers!

Blaze is the spokes-cow for Chick-fil-A! One week in July Chick-fil-A had special customer appreciation week. If you went dressed as a cow you received a free meal ... so we dressed our little bull and off we went! It was great! Everyone thought Blaze was the cutest! Employees were taking pictures with their cell phones and complete strangers were asking us to wait around so their family members could see him! It was a fun party:) It was great -- it was FREE!!!