Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Does This Eye Keep Watering?

...because it's back to school time! Kinzie's first day of school was GREAT!! I fought a lump in my throat ALL DAY..made several calls to Adam about what I thought Kinzie was doing...and at 3:15 when I picked her up from school the flood gates opened...she SURVIVED her first day!! She looked so cute in her uniform...

The principal greeted everyone at the door and gave each student a welcome back pencil...I really think this was kinzie's favorite part!!! I know she has already been to school a week, but I am glad that I have waited on the blog...interesting things have happen this week...
*first day went like this...colored a puppy dog picture-ate lunch-went outside to play-rested-came home(pretty good)

*second day nothing out of the ordinary

*third day...closed finger in bathroom door had to go to nurse for ice pack...ate the cafeteria food and loved it

*fourth day...snuck fingernail polish to school in backpack...pulled it out during math class...note sent home(man I felt like I was the one in trouble)


Kinzie loves her school and her teacher...her teacher seems to be very patient and understanding...which is a good thing for all of Kinzie's shenanigans!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Blaze is TWO MONTHS old!! It's hard to believe isn't only been two months!! Yesterday Blaze and Kinzie had Dr. appointments! Kinzie went first and did great! She and the Dr. made a pact(sp??) to eat healthier foods...meaning veggies(please help encourage her:)

Then it was on to Blaze..his stats..23 inches long...12 lb and 5 ozs...(he is 1 inch shorter than Jackson, but 1 inch longer than Kinzie and 1 lb lighter than Jackson and just a few oz lighter than Kinzie..when they were Blaze's age) Blaze got 3 shots and an oral Rotavirus vaccine..yes he I did not...but Kinzie did!! She is such a sweet spirit and a little fixer. She can't stand it when her "boys" are crying or upset! The boys are lucky to have her as a big sis!

I thought this picture of J-man and Blaze was cute...Jackson loves when he gets to hold his baby Blaze(excuse the underwear..Jackson new pj's)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Marathon-Take two

Last weekend-the birthday celebration continued! Kinzie decided this year that she wanted a slumber party birthday and after our wonderful time in Dallas we decided that we would try to recreate the libbylu experience!

****Caution this post contains alot of girly very girly activity****
The idea was for each girl to come dressed in their favorite outfit for a fashion show! Then after hair and make-up the show would begin!
The girls getting beautiful for the fashion show! Monnie (Kinzie's great grandmother) and Dori came to help with nails and make-up! Don't they look beautiful?

Aren't they FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Enjoying some pizza-isn't that a girly girls' favorite food?!??!

Opening presents-they had a blast playing with them!!

Watching ENCHANTED!! (Yes-that is Jackson in the bottom corner)
Happy 6th Birthday Kinzie! We love you so much! You have been such a blessing in our lives! You are a wonderful daughter and an awesome big sister! May God continue to bless you year after year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay this post is dedicated to my beautiful girly girl Kinzie! Kinzie turned 6 on 8.8.08 - we happened to in Dallas for a wedding and decided to hang out with the Hoelzles'. We miss them so much and were so glad we got to see them! Jacob is such a sweet little friend to Kinzie! I love seeing them together--Okay now for some pictures...

Look at Kinzie's beautiful from Jacob!!!

First we met at Pizza Planet so the kiddos could play and have lunch! Kinzie and Jacob on the Pirate Ship! They had a blast!

Then it was off to Build-A-Bear...Kinzie has never been and was so excited! Kinzie and Jacob with their choices.

Their new babies must be properly cleaned!

Isn't Jacob such a sweetheart??? Kinzie made a pink cat named Rockstar(very cute), Jacob made a black lab named Luke, and Jackson made a fishing bear named Jack!! Fun times!!

On our way to the Nestle Cookie Factory!!!

Kinzie at Libbylu! This place is a girly girls best dream! They did her hair and make-up and nails! Then whenever she was all dressed up she danced in front of the store to a Hannah Montana song! Very fun!!!

Jacob wasn't too sure about all this girl stuff! He was such a sport to let Kinzie get "dolled" up!

Jacob - we love you and you will always have a special place in all of our hearts!! Thanks for such a great weekend and helping make Kinzie's birthday - golden!!

Monday, August 4, 2008