Sunday, September 12, 2010


Things have been CRAZY around here for a LONG time! So I thought it might be time to update for those who still read this!
**Well the most exciting news is that in about 8 weeks we will have a new baby boy to add to the Norton Family** Kinzie was not thrilled about being the only girl, but has realized that there are some benefits to being the only princess having your own room...get pedicures with she has definitely warmed up to the idea:)
**We put our house on the market about two months ago and have had quite a few people look at it, but I think people are scared with the economy being crazy...but rates are at an ALL time if anyone knows anyone who needs are cute little home...**
**Adam is still working at the Credit Union, but he now works in the Mortage Department**
**I am no longer in the classroom at ACA, but helping out in the office a couple days a week**
**The kids are doing great in school**
We are anxiously awaiting for our new little man to arrive, but want him to hang in there as long as possible!

I really don't have any other news or pictures, but I am posting some pictures of our house! Shelley and Teresa came and spent several days with me helping me stage my house to put it on the market! If you are ever in need of a house make-over or want to stage your house or need direction in decorating...these ladies are AMAZING!! Not to mention how proud they made me feel about the "junk" I had in my house! SO AWESOME!! Definitely call them up...they are so very talented!