Tuesday, March 4, 2008

IT'S A ......

Okay - I know EVERYONE has been waiting to hear what we are having! Well we went to the Doctor Monday had the sonogram and doc visit!!
We are having a BOY!!
It is crazy to think that I had a feeling that it was a boy all along, but to actually hear the words "I see boy parts" just blew my mind! We are very, very, very excited. J-man is going to have a play mate and Kinz has come to grips with being the Princess of the Family! (Sorry to spoil your plans Lolo and Kinz, but hey we can still say that we are family)!:(

Praise God that everything looks great! He is 15 ounces and still very small! My blood pressure is still normal and things are fine! The 4-D wasn't pretty, but it was still cool to see him! He loves to kick and punch(look out J-man)! We also saw him open his mouth too cool!!