Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kids Say the Darnest...

Okay if you ever read the Neals' blog-I love how Stacey posts funny things that her kiddos say! Well I thought I would give it a goes!

I have to set the scene so it may not be that great!

We were celebrating Chris P.'s graduation on Saturday evening at McWhorter Park! Some of the party-goers were playing a game called Bacca(sp?) anyways it involves throwing hard crochet like balls in the air! Well Aubrey and Lolo had a couple that they were playing with and needless to say they thought it would be fun to throw them at each other! Well Aubrey ended up with a bloody gash across her eye!! We fixed her up and continued on with the party!

In the van leaving....
Me..."I hope Aubrey's eye will be okay!"

Adam..."I am glad we had our first aid kit!"

Kinzie..."Yeah..that's NOT how you play dodgeball anyways!"


For those of you who have ever been excited about being an AUNT...then you will definitely appreciate this blog!

I AM AN AUNT!!! I haven't even gotten to meet my new neice, but I am thrilled and of course she is absolutely perfect!! My brother - Clayton and sis - in - law Amanda - had their first child on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 3:57 pm! She was 8#1oz and 20 inches long and is BEAUTIFUL!!

This isn't the best quality picture - but you can still see how beautiful she is! Such tiny features! I almost forgot... her name is KAYCIN GRACE FARRELL! Thanks for sharing in my new found joy!!:)